Hazy is a company that is for data transparency, using their technology they set enterprise data free allowing to make it faster, easier and safer to use. 

Whilst working at For Different I helped execute the Hazy brand in a wide variety of areas, from website UI design, social branding to templated products. Working with the Hazy team was a great experience and seeing this brand come to life during my time at For Different was exciting. It was a great project to work on and it enabled me to grow
in a variety of areas.
UI/UX Design​​​​​​​
Product Design

Junior Designer
Midweight Designer
Design Director
Creative Director

One key product that I developed and designed for the Hazy team whilst employed at For Different was a customisable email template for both mobile and desktop. This piece of design is used to communicate to their customers regarding updates, events or other important information.  

This product had a wide variety of design for each element, from headers to content blocks - to make sure the Hazy team could use this piece without emails becoming repetitive or boring, I made sure to give different colour and layout options as well as showcase the components in multiple designs so they could see the flexibility of the component library.